Engagement Solutions

Our engagement solutions are built to engage and retain
the customers which consequently results in happy customers and growth.

QR Code & NFC Loyalty Cards

The restaurant will be provided with smart and interactive loyalty cards which they can give to their customers. The customers can scan the QR Code or tap their phones on the NFC smart cards, this opens the restaurant app and the customer can order online. This not only helps customers to order innovatively and quickly but also helps them earn loyalty points which they can redeem later with discounts and offers.

Digital Marketing

Products such as websites, web/mobile apps that will be provided to the customer need to marketed to the right target audience. Digital marketing not only helps the restaurant to reach out to their customers and promote their brand efficiently but also helps them to promote their offers and deals through social media and various digital marketing channels.


The feedback module helps the restaurant to engage the customer by taking valuable and effective feedback from their customers. By knowing what the customers think about the restaurant is of prime importance as it helps the restaurant to understand its strength and weakness and gets an opportunity to improve.

Gift Cards

The gift cards are a great way to engage the customers by providing them with something valuable. Keeping in mind the current COVID-19 crisis giving away gift cards with a pre paid value, which the customer can use later when the situation eases out, can be a great way to earn revenue and even retain your loyal customers in the long run.