COVID-19 Offer

Our COVID-19 offer is built keeping in mind what the restaurants
need to revive, survive and thrive this corona crisis period.

Corona Compliance Stickers

There is a lot of fear in customer's mind with regards to the restaurant's hygiene and safety measures. The COVID 19 compliant stickers can be pasted on the delivery boxes. The stickers have a QR code on them which when scanned by the customer, they can see all the measures taken by the restaurant in form of videos and images. These videos could be of the restaurant's kitchen, staff and even sanitization processes, including cleaning of raw materials and such other.

QR Code & NFC Table Ordering

QR code and NFC stickers will be placed on every table of the restaurant enabling customers to instantly start ordering food through their own phones by scanning the QR code or tapping their phones on the NFC stickers. This not only helps customers to place their order instantly but also encourages social distancing and contactless placing of orders.

Home Delivery Web App

The restaurants will have their own web application with their own branding. The customers can order online remotely for home delivery or take away. This helps the restaurant with an additional stream of orders. The app not only encourages social distancing but also helps restaurants build their revenues and get back in business quickly and efficiently.

POS (Point Of Sale)

RestroTap’s POS has been built after a lot of market research and feedback from restaurant owners. The online POS enables the restaurant to manage orders, billing and payments, offers and discounts, feedbacks, inventory, CRM, accounts, user database and also analytics in form of dashboard reports. The POS helps the restaurant to automate its operations and subsequently generating more revenues.

Digital Marketing

Products such as websites, web/mobile apps that will be provided to the customer need to marketed to the right target audience. Digital marketing not only helps the restaurant to reach out to their customers and promote their brand efficiently but also helps them to promote their offers and deals through social media and various digital marketing channels.