Backend Solutions

Our backend solutions are built after a lot of market research which helps to manage the operations swiftly and efficiently.

POS (Point of Sale)

RestroTap’s POS has been built after a lot of market research and feedback from restaurant owners. The online POS enables the restaurant to manage orders, billing and payments, offers and discounts, feedbacks, inventory, CRM, accounts, user database and also analytics in form of dashboard reports. The POS helps the restaurant to automate its operations and subsequently generating more revenues.

KDS (Kitchen Display System)

The restaurant will be provided with a kitchen display screen on which the staff (specially the kitchen staff) can see and manage all the orders. The staff working inside the kitchen can see the orders on a large screen which helps them process the orders quickly and efficiently.

Staff Management

The staff management module enables the restaurant to manage the HR activities such their staff’s attendance and salary. This helps the restaurant to manage their staff in an effective manner and also keeping a track of the staff expenses.

User Database

The user database enables the restaurant to manage all their customer’s data in one place. This not only helps the restaurant to better manage their customers but also helps them to do marketing campaigns on the user database to promote their offers and deals.